In Studio Classes

The Rolling Mat offers all levels classes at its own studio space inside of Chiropractic at the Lighthouse. Also catch the owner, Stephanie M. at Plum Tree Yoga Studio!


NEW student class pack 5 class for $65!

Chiropractic at the Lighthouse classes only. Expires ONE month from purchase


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      Must reserve space in advance.

Classes and Descriptions

Morning Classes - Foundational Slow Flow: Start your day off centered and strong with this mindful Vinyasa slow flow that teaches you safe transitions, proper alignment and breath support with each pose. We will build lean muscle tone, deepen the breath, while centering the mind and working at your pace. 


Afternoon Classes - Energize & Renew: Get past the afternoon slump with ease! We will start the class off with sun-salutations - at your pace and move mindfully by connecting breath to movement through an effective Vinyasa flow. The last moments of the class will be structured around renewing stretches and mild twists that will aid the digestive system and help you power through the rest of the day.


Evening Classes - Stretch & Restore: Recover, relax & relieve your stress with this restorative flow. We will deepen the connection to the breath, mildly rev up the heart and spend time on restoring the body with effective stretches meant to melt away stress and anxiety while increasing flexibility. This is a great flow to do after a long day and will assist with a restful sleep.

The Rolling Mat community is a place where yoga teachers can come together, sharing ideas, inspiration, and receive valuable feedback on how to get and retain high paying corporate clients!

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Contact: 770-310-5073

Atlanta, Georgia