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Clarity & Vision

We cannot put the car in drive until we are clear on why we are here and where we are going. These trainings will provide clarity for you both personally and professionally.

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Corporate Wellness

Through the extensive market research performed, building relationships with corporate employees within you group and launching a program that is specific to the pain points of corporate America, you are now ready for Corporate Outreach!

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My yogis inspire me! Here you will find bonus training that I will provide through a recorded call we have or a training I create, that will bring added value to the program and speak to the needs of the group!


  • Package of Benefits - NEW

  • Strength Assignment

  • Posts Boost Group Engagement 

  • Nurturing Your Audience Checklist

  • Referral Program

  • New LinkedIn Strategy Script

  • Setting Up Interview Swaps With Other Group Leaders

  • The Elite Modules

  • Proposal Example

  • Virtual Platform

  • Corporate POB - Virtual

  • Networking 101

  • Elevator Pitch

  • 3 Pillars Worksheet


  • Clarity, Creation, Communication, Content

  • Email Intro for Group

  • How To Grow Your FB group

  • FB group growth using Personal FB

  • How To Migrate Your E-mail List Into Your Facebook Group

  • Referral Outreach

  • Story Posts


Coaching Q & A

Tech Support

Mentor corporate virtual  yoga Library t

Throughout the program we will be using some free or low cost tools for your program.

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2020 | The Rolling Mat -  community is a place where yoga teachers can come together, sharing ideas, inspiration, and receive valuable feedback on how to get and retain high paying corporate clients!

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