Private Yoga Practice
In Person or Virtually

Are Private Lesson For You?

New to the practice? Need some alignment help,
improvement on flexibility, or are not quite ready to practice with others? The Rolling Mat provides beneficial and comfortable one-on-one sessions, focused on yoga foundations and structured to meet your needs. I ROLL to you!​

Ready to change you life and practice for the better? 

Contact me for a FREE Consultation to discuss your needs, pricing & more!

Benefits of Practicing with Steph

A Private yoga practice is a unique form of personal training that is beneficial for both mind and body. I strive to take the intimidation out of the practice and focus on what works best for you!


We will work at your pace and your level. You will improve your physical body without strain, using your own body weight. Your flexibility will improve along with your alignment and posture.

We will tap into our mental well being in a non-invasive way, to clear out the mental clutter and make space for what you need.

I understand busy schedules! We can practice in person or virtually!

Included in Cost

  • FREE consultation

  • Customized sequences to meet your needs

  • Equipment needed

  • Assistance with developing personal home practice

  • Access to my nutrition blog

  • Access to my free community

  • Access to my YouTube channel 

  • Unlimited monthly class membership Special offer

The Rolling Mat community is a place where yoga teachers can come together, sharing ideas, inspiration, and receive valuable feedback on how to get and retain high paying corporate clients!

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Contact: 770-310-5073

Atlanta, Georgia