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The Rolling Mat offers its WELLNESS SERVICES
to small businesses
and entrepreneurs

In an effort to help them with their focus, manage stress levels and create resilience so that they can successfully run their business and team.

As an entrepreneur myself...

I understand the challenges and stresses that can come with running a business!

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For my fellow business owners,

I offer access to my virtual library which includes

  • Desk & chair yoga videos

  • Mat sequences to reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep

  • Accessible guided meditations and visualization practices to help take your business to the next level!

  • Breathwork trainings to nourish brain function and keep productivity high

  • Access to my MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group where you can take weekly live classes with me

  • Newsletter with wellness related topics and helpful podcast recommendations

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- Private access to the portal -
Subscription based - Cost $59/month
(3 month commitment - Consistency is KEY!)

Contact Stephanie 

Thanks for submitting!

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"This yoga & mentorship experience is just wonderful. Stephanie makes this very welcoming experience. I am Excited to be part of the community."

- Julie Bausch, Actress | Writer

After 1 month of working with Stephanie and her Rollin' Yogi mentorship program, my vision board become my reality! Together we built a solid foundation for my business and I gained a clear vision of my true calling. I no longer feel trapped and I am now Living my dream!"

Gwen Baldwin, Mind & Body Coach

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