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Virtual Corporate Wellness

Coming from the corporate world, I know how stressful it can be and

how important it is for employees to take a well-deserved “breath break.”

Incorporating a virtual corporate wellness program into your work environment can help your team THRIVE

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Whole Foods Market Corporate Yoga Client
  • Taking proactive measures for your employees’ overall health.

  • Giving employees new insights about caring for themselves.

  • Allowing your team to discover wellness topics at their convenience.

  • Addressing specific health and wellness needs of your team.

  • Decreasing stress among employees.

  • Lowering turnover rates..

  • Building a stronger community work environment while helping your team to reconnect.

  • And so much more...Let’s schedule a chat.

We’ve all seen a lot of changes since the start of this year. As a business owner, you know how important it is to adapt to the ever-changing world. Chances are your employees are feeling the strain. They may be working remotely dealing with the struggles of turning their home into a home office. Their options for working out may be limited if they are stuck in quarantine. 

And, of course, all the recent events and headlines are making us all stressed, tense, and in need of healthy outlets to deal with our fears and emotions.

It’s a Challenging Time.

But We Can Get Through it!

The Rolling Mat continues to adapt. We now offer customizable virtual corporate wellness programs for businesses of any size. While we all struggle with social distancing, it’s nice to know a virtual platform can bring a team together with positivity, energy, and community. 


The Rolling Mat will guide your team on yoga practices that help rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Our virtual corporate wellness program can also provide workshops on dealing with stress, improving mental health, time management, and a variety of other topics. 

This is NOT a weight loss challenge or a competition to see who can take the most steps. The Rolling Mat virtual corporate wellness program is an opportunity for your team to get resources for support, guidance, and empowerment. We all have the right to a happy, healthy life--I want to help YOUR team however it may look (working from home, multiple branch locations, travelling employees that need to unwind, etc.) 

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As part of The Rolling Mat virtual corporate wellness package, your business gets:

  • Free consultation to discuss the needs of your team

  • Up to 4 virtual foundational and alignment-based yoga classes a month

  • Brain nourishing workshops that reduce stress and boost productivity

  • Marketing and promotional services through all my channels

  • Exclusive access to my supportive community of health and wellness professionals offering specialized workshops

  • An opportunity to view my library of pre-recorded videos (updated weekly) anytime 

  • Personalized attention for any team member that is struggling

  • Early bird access to my community events in and around Atlanta

Ready develop a virtual wellness plan that resonates with your team?


Schedule a free call now to talk about our services, prices, and how we can help your team during difficult times. 

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