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Mobile Yoga

What is Mobile Yoga? 

A mobile studio is when a trained yoga instructor comes to you--in person or virtually

Yoga is versatile! Sessions work perfectly at home, work, or any unlimited number of creative

spaces--on your schedule.


After all, the more convenient these sessions are, the more likely people will follow through with them.


Let me help make yoga and wellness a regular, important part of your schedule. We’ll provide the instruction and equipment, you (or your team) just needs to show up.

Atlanta Mobile Yoga

Yoga Anywhere: The Rolling Mat is Altlanta’s Premier Mobile Yoga Studio

The Rolling Mat Mobile Yoga and Corporate Yoga programs provide yoga and meditation classes on location or virtually by appointment. Businesses, schools, and other organizations throughout the greater Atlanta area have already taken advantage of TRM’s many benefits.

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Our mobile yoga studio adapts to you or your company’s needs for a rejuvenating, enjoyable experience. In addition to yoga, TRM also provides workshops, trainings, and coaching on a variety of health and wellness topics.

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