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North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 177: Stephanie Mitchell,

The Rolling Mat

We went deep into the VALUE of corporate wellness programs and the success TRM has had this year implementing these beneficial programs into big business throughout Atlanta

The Rolling Mat

on the Daily Grind Podcast with Colin Morgan

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As a teacher and small business owner

I stand apart in the industry as a valuable community leader. The Rolling Mat has had great success in leading effective community & corporate wellness events across Atlanta.

Hey! My name is Steph (aka: Rollin’ Yogi)


I took the concept of “yoga studio owner” to a new level with my unique and creative mobile yoga studio - The Rolling Mat!

 I bring the empowering and uplifting vibration of yoga outside the 4 walls of a studio space - right to you, your corporation or event.

Flexibility is a key factor in strength, and I have unleashed the flexibility of a mobile yoga studio to bring the power of restorative yoga where it's needed most.

I have over a decade of experience both in the practice of yoga and running a small business (that I built from the ground up! 💪) 

I found clarity in my purpose by channeling my corporate-life angst and natural ability to attract and build large -scale events into meaningful work. I now use all my gifts to bring wellness, mindfulness and all the care I wish I had gotten in my 9-5 into Atlanta's corporate world and support my fellow yogi's on their journey, helping them to build a sustainable, profitable yoga business 

Julie Bausch

Actress | Writer

"This yoga & mentorship experience is just wonderful. Stephanie makes this very welcoming experience. I am Excited to be part of the community."


Gwen Baldwin

Mind & Body Coach

"After 1 month of working with Stephanie and her Rollin' Yogi mentorship program, my vision board become my reality! Together we built a solid foundation for my business and I gained a clear vision of my true calling. I no longer feel trapped and I am now Living my dream!"

L'Anda Johnson

AT&T Cricket Wireless

"Stephanie has been great. providing weekly yoga in our office. It is a great break and for a busy working mom is the only time I get to exercise".