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As a teacher and business owner

I stand apart in the industry as a valuable community leader. The Rolling Mat has proven success in leading effective community & corporate wellness events across Atlanta.

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Get your employees focused & engaged, even when a lot is going on! Transform your corporate culture.

Let me help make yoga and wellness a regular, important part of your schedule. We’ll provide the instruction and equipment, you (or your team) just needs to show up.

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I took the concept of “yoga studio owner” to a new level with my unique and creative mobile yoga studio--The Rolling Mat!


My goal was to bring the empowering and uplifting vibration of yoga outside the 4 walls of a studio space--right to you, your corporation, or event.


Anyone who has tried yoga knows flexibility is a big factor in strength. As my business grew, I saw opportunities to expand and be flexible to the challenges we currently face.


I now offer services for corporate wellness, corporate yoga business mentorship, and training on setting up virtual wellness platforms.

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Hey! My name is Steph (aka: Rollin’ Yogi)

Why Me!

I have over a decade of experience both in the practice of yoga and running a small business (that I built from the ground up!)


I found clarity in my purpose by channeling my corporate-life angst and natural ability to attract and build large-scale events into meaningful work. I now use all my gifts to bring wellness, mindfulness, and all the care I wish I got during my 9-5 life into Atlanta's corporate world


Also, I want to support my fellow yogis on their journey by helping them build a sustainable, profitable business--both in-person and with virtual platforms. 

Ready to add some wellness and mindfulness into your team’s life?


Let’s do it together!


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Julie Bausch, Actress | Writer

"This yoga & mentorship experience is just wonderful. Stephanie makes this very welcoming experience. I am Excited to be part of the community."


Gwen Baldwin, Mind & Body Coach

"After 1 month of working with Stephanie and her Rollin' Yogi mentorship program, my vision board become my reality! Together we built a solid foundation for my business and I gained a clear vision of my true calling. I no longer feel trapped and I am now Living my dream!"

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Caitlin Schneider

I am in Stephanie's 12 Week Accelerator Program and I am having an amazing experience so far. I would have never been able to figure out how to even approach offering up my services to a corporation. She provides tons of information, video tutorials (even on-the-fly tutorials depending on what we may be struggling with from week to week),  and give us lots of valuable feedback on tasks we're working on. Always free for questions and make this whole process of putting your offers together so easy by reducing the stress and overwhelm around it. if you're serious about getting into corporate right now I highly suggest that you schedule a call with Stephanie! 

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Deborah Mugherini 

I signed up for Stephanie's 12 Week Accelerator Program right after our initial call because I knew creating wellness programs for corporations was the direction I wanted to take my yoga business. Ans I knew I wanted and needed support on how to go about rebranding myself. The program is jam-packed with the necessary steps and information to successfully clarify your message, niche yourself, and build your reputation. The program is structured with documents and tutorials as well as informational training and calls. Group members are interactive with support, encouragement, and suggestions. Stephanie's is readily available to help clarify any confusion on assignments or steps and go to give guidance on how to draft emails responses and general tactical approaches. If you are ready, then this is the program that will get you there! Much appreciated Stephanie! 


L'Anda Johnson, AT&T Cricket Wireless

"Stephanie has been great. providing weekly yoga in our office. It is a great break and for a busy working mom is the only time I get to exercise".

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