Certified & Aspiring Yogis 

...and heart-centered entrepreneurs

Are you a yoga teacher or aspiring yogi that is ready to: 


  1. work with more of a foundation and vision?  

  2. start making a sustainable income?

  3.   take back ownership of your schedule?  

  4.  get more students?  

  5. set yourself up as a confident expert in the industry? 

The Rolling Mat Mentorship Program is your ticket in going from burnt out, overwhelmed and underpaid yoga teacher to... thriving, confident and profitable yoga leader!  

I’ve poured a decade of insight, experience, and know-how into this mentorship program because I’m fiercely committed to you and your success. I want to save you from years feeling alone, lost and frazzled, that you skip out on your own practice — the very thing ignited your heart and soul, to start with.

I started from total rock bottom, ate ramen noodles more nights for dinner than I care to remember, dealt with the inconsistent students, the no-shows in my workshops and the countless nights losing sleep because I just wasn’t sure how to make it sustainable. 

After taking my own focused steps and making the necessary changes that I was so afraid of, I took back the reins and now The Rolling Mat is a successful, profit generation mobile studio, allowing me to share with you valuable, strategic tools to monetize your unique business.  

Yes! This program speaks to yogis; however, much of what is discovered and discussed are easily modeled for other business structures.

In my mentorship program, you will experience:

  • A deep and soulful relationship with yourself and practice

  • Have those ‘aha’ moments you’ve been waiting for

  • Personal and professionally growth

  • Break-throughs

  • Business strategy that sets you up for success! (#yogaboss) 

Mentorship & Community Events

The Rolling Mat community is a place where yoga teachers can come together, sharing ideas, inspiration, and receive valuable feedback on how to get and retain high paying corporate clients!

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