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Aspiring Yogis and Yoga Teachers Can Still Thrive!


  • Bring a solid vision and foundation to your practice?

  • Start making sustainable (and extra) income?

  • Take back ownership of your schedule?

  • Get more consistent students?

  • Brand yourself as a confident expert in the industry?

  • Find corporate clients willing to pay more for your services?

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  • Overwhelmed?

  • Underpaid?

  • Burnt out?

  • Worried how to cover this month’s bills?

  • Ready to take on bigger (more lucrative) challenges?

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The Rolling Mat Mentorship Program can turn you into a confident, thriving, profitable yoga leader. 

I’ve poured a decade of insight, experience, and know-how into this mentorship program because I’m fiercely committed to you and your success, my fellow yogi. I want to save you from feeling so frazzled, alone, and lost that you want to skip out on your own practice. After all, isn’t teaching yoga what ignited your heart and soul in the first place?

I was once at rock bottom--losing sleep and eating way too many ramen noodle dinners. The pressure of inconsistent students, no-shows at my workshops, and wondering how I would pay the bills took its toll on my life and relationships.


By taking focused steps and making necessary changes I was so afraid of, I was able to take back the reigns of my yoga business. Now The Rolling Mat is successful and profitable. I can’t remember the last time I opened a package of ramen noodles. 


You don’t have to learn the hard way. I developed valuable, strategic tools helping to monetize my yoga business. I want to pass this information along to you, fellow yogi.


You can start by becoming part of my exclusive Facebook Group where you can get valuable tips and advice for your yoga business. You can also learn more about my Elite Corporate Mentorship Program by joining this group.  

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The Elite Corporate Mentorship Program

speaks to yogis, of course. But, along the way, I’ve found many other heart-centered entrepreneurs found success through my mentorship. In fact, these entrepreneurs have made important, lucrative connections with corporations looking to expand their wellness programs. 


Why don’t we chat and find out how I can help you?

In my Mentorship Program, I’ll help you experience:

  • A deep and soulful relationship with yourself and practice

  • Full support and accountability from me and other teachers

  • “Aha” moments of clarity to propel your life forward

  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth

  • Concrete steps that will help your business break-through its current rut

  • Insights for business strategy that set you up for success! (#yogaboss)

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