Corporate Wellness Program

Add the Rolling Mat to Your Employee Benefits

Get your employees focused & engaged (even when a lot is going on)
I can help you transform your corporation through


Structured Corporate Wellness Success Training

The Rolling Mat provides effective sequences that focus on
foundations of the practice, minimizing stress and related illness, increasing productivity
and teamwork among employees. 

Did you know? 

Wellness programs within corporations have been on the rise and are becoming increasingly valued. They improve the work environment by:

☑️ decreasing stress
☑️ reducing sick days 
☑️ boosting team morale 
☑️ increasing productivity

☑️ preventing heart attack & stroke

You can customize a unique wellness package from the following options:


  • 1-hour yoga class per month: (includes equipment).

  • Comprehensive wellness newsletters to improve productivity in the office each month.

  • 1:1 consultations with employees to assess and support their overall wellness and workplace efficiency.

  • Monthly workshops that enhance leadership, BOOST productivity and morale.

  • Employee appreciation events: classes and speaking event. 

  • Employer time-out: A specialized monthly workshop for employers and CEOs to learn the language of their multi-generational employees through Inclusive Leadership Training per workshop.


Pricing ranges from $1000-$3500

Bundle options and save! Book a call to see what options fit your companies needs. 

Reduce stress & increasing productivity among employees.

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