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Not sure where to start?

Here's a little more inspiration on how I turned my dream into a reality:

I have that typical story of being a college grad, got a corporate job and soon realized…”NOPE! This isn’t for me!” I wanted freedom but I also wanted to have an impact on people and communities across the nation. I learned early on, that humans are at a disconnect with themselves, their bodies, their families and communities. I know the power of yoga, the effects it has and I knew I wanted to be part of that vibration.  

I took the first leap and received my 200-hour Yoga Training certification from the very best at Infinity Yoga (now YogaWorks). I gained a wide scope of knowledge from yogis of Western and Eastern practice. I also have over 300 hours (and counting) of workshop training in alignment and foundational yoga practices.  

I understand the complexity of this industry and what it takes to thrive! Regardless where you are on your journey, if you want to know that you can do TODAY to make the impact that your heart call for and take your business to the next level - Stop scrolling Instagram and Roll with me!

Let's connect! First call is complementary!