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Meet Stephanie aka The Rollin Yogi

Equipped with mats, props, creative flows and playlists, The Rolling Mat contributes to communities through movement, breath, & mindfulness.


To satisfy her wandering spirit and passion for events, Steph and her mobile studio provide yoga & health-related services at festivals, corporate offices, municipal buildings,  and large or small events nationwide as well as hosting chill weekend stretches at her hometown breweries! 

After years of sitting in a corporate office - back aching - yearning to be moving her body and outside, she finally launched The Rolling Mat Mobile Yoga Studio in 2015. At first, sweet, giving, community-oriented Steph wanted to host community driven classes for FREE!


But, alas, we don't live in that kind of world. Instead, she discovered a way to put her love of yoga and her intense desire to help people into mentorship programs designed to help her fellow yogi's create sustainable, profitable businesses (yay corporate skills!) and bring yoga, mediatation, and employee wellness into the office space, giving back to those still trapped in the grind. 


Practice in person or online via the Rollin Yogi YouTube channel

Certified 200 hours - Infinity Yoga - Atlanta, GA

Certified Event Planner - Kennesaw State University

Steph cultivated her love for yoga during her early college years at Kennesaw State University.



After taking her first class in 2007, she quickly saw the benefits of the practice both in her physical body as well as her mental state.

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The Rolling Mat community is a place where yoga teachers can come together, sharing ideas, inspiration, and receive valuable feedback on how to get and retain high paying corporate clients!

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Contact: 770-310-5073

Atlanta, Georgia