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Corporate Wellness Special Events & Programs


Coming from the corporate world,

I know how stressful it can be and how important it is for employees to take a well-deserved “breath break.”

Treat Your Team to Wellness

Need to press the “Refresh” button on your team?


Let me plan a Wellness Special Event or Retreat to get them realigned and refocused... And have a lot of fun doing it!

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My corporate events help to:

  • Improve overall morale

  • Educate about health & wellness

  • Decrease stress

  • Build relationships

  • Strengthen the team

  • And much more...

Looking to plan something special for your team?

Have a retreat or conference that seems to be missing that “WOW” factor?

Let me bring my Yoga studio to you! All you need is some open space. We turn it into something your employees will be talking about long after the event.


My events are catered to every age and ability level. Everyone will feel included.

After all, I want your whole team to have fun embracing wellness.


Let’s plan a Yoga and Wellness Event that targets the unique needs of your team!

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Wellness Beyond the Event...

For workshop.jpg

Is your team feeling motivated?

Let’s keep the momentum going!


I would be happy to create a completely customized Corporate Wellness Plan for your team.


It’s an excellent opportunity to invest in your employees’ health, retainment, and harmony.

This is NOT a weight loss challenge or a competition to see who can take the most steps.


The Rolling Mat virtual corporate wellness program is an opportunity for your team to get resources for support, guidance, and empowerment.


We all have the right to a happy, healthy life--I want to help YOUR team however it may look (working from home, multiple branch locations, travelling employees that need to unwind, etc.) 

Come get your zenful buzz on with me and the Red Hare gang tonight at 6pm!_._Even our brew

The Rolling Mat
Corporate Wellness Package

Support your employees’ wellness with:

  • A FREE consultation to discuss the needs of your team

  • Up to 4 foundational and alignment-based yoga classes a month (virtual or in-person)

  • Brain nourishing workshops that reduce stress and boost productivity

  • Marketing and promotional services through all my channels

  • Extra opportunities with my supportive community of health and wellness professionals

  • Access to my library of pre-recorded videos

  • Early bird registration to my community events in and around Atlanta

Ready to develop a Wellness Plan that resonates with your team?


Book a free call and find out how!

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