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Corporate Yogi Podcast

Successful Wellness Entrepreneurs | Business Owners | Yoga Teachers

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Every Week!!!

I will introduce you to yoga teachers and fitness pros who walk the walk, so you can see not only what is possible, but also how to make your corporate yoga business a reality. We dig deep into owning your worth and knowing your value so that you can start implementing specific action steps that will get you closer to your ideal life!


Furthermore this online space will provide you the support to keep you moving forward! Because after all, if you want to achieve the life you want you have to take action!

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The Rolling Mat Facebook Community

Mastering Corporate Yoga Biz

A place where yoga teachers can come together, sharing ideas, inspiration, and receive valuable feedback on how to get and retain high paying corporate clients! 

Letps get rollin'...

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Let’s connect! The first call is free.

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