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Stephanie Mitchell
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Facebook Group

Facebook Community

One of the most effective tools we have as corporate yogis is our WARM market list. We will grow and nurture those in our warm market by implementing a corporate driven Facebook Group Strategy. You will build know, like and trust factor with corporate employees/employers, create a virtual program for them that will provide an additional stream of revenue to your business. Through this group, you will generate corporate leads.

Facebook Documents

yoga business NamaSLAY the rolling mat 3
  • Setting Up Interview Swaps With Other Group Leaders

  • Posts Boost Group Engagement 

  • How to Grow Your FB Group

  • Group DM Strategy

  • Nurturing Your Audience Checklist

  • How to Migrate Your E-mail List into your Facebook Group

  • FB group Growth Using Personal FB

  • Call Script for Elite 

  • Building & Nurturing Your Niche Audience

Mastermind Documents

  • Event Checklist

  • Yoga Events!

  • Speaking Kit! (PDF)

  • Podcast Email Template 

Event Creation

Event Creation

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