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The Elite Corporate Yogi

Expand your yoga & wellness business to an audience that will allow you to create consistency in your career

Corporate Clients

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Find CLARITY in your audience & business 

These trainings will provide vision and clarity for you both personally and professionally. These will be important throughout the program and after.

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Build a PROFITABLE brand so you can level up

Once you start to build out your warm market list, you realize that you have many prospects to start with!

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Attract HIGH TICKET corporate clients

Outreach is one of the most important action steps as you are first starting out. Getting calls booked, explaining who you are, what you do, why and pitching your services is key to gain momentum.

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Receive valuable insight, support & ACCOUNTABILITY

Now that you have clarity on who you are, what you do and your audience, it’s time to carry that message over consistently in our branding.

Registration Is Now Open!

Jump on a 15m call with Stephanie Mitchell, solve all your questions and talk about how the

"The Elite Corporate Yogi"program can get you Hight Ticket Corporate Clients

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Stephanie Mitchell

I am a teacher, leader, and yoga business mentor with a mission of helping yoga teachers genuinely shift into their business mindset so that they can attract high paying corporate clients. I have over a decade of experience both in the practice of yoga and running a small business (that I totally built from the ground up!)


Success Stories

"After 1 month of working with Stephanie and her Rollin' Yogi mentorship program, my vision board became my reality! Together we built a solid foundation for my business and I gained a clear vision of my true calling. I no longer feel trapped and I am now living my dream!" 

Gwen Baldwin
Mind & Body Coach 

"This yoga & mentorship experience is just wonderful. Stephanie makes this very welcoming experience. I am Excited to be part of the community."

Julie Bausch
Actress | Writer

I would have never been able to figure out how to even approach offering up my services to a corporation. She provides tons of information, video tutorials (even on-the-fly tutorials depending on what we may be struggling with from week to week),  and give us lots of valuable feedback on tasks we're working on.

Caitlin Schneider

The program is structured with documents and tutorials as well as informational training and calls. Group members are interactive with support, encouragement, and suggestions. Stephanie's is readily available to help clarify any confusion on assignments or steps and go to give guidance on how to draft emails responses and general tactical approaches.

Deborah Mugherini 

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The Elite Corporate Yogi Program

Everything you want
to know 

An interview with the FOUNDER Stephanie Mitchell

The Elite Corporate Yogi



Mindset (day1-day90 journey)


Warm market strategy & outreach


Intro class strategy & lead in programs


Nurturing the client - entrepreneur & leader mindset


Branding, Visibility, social media - value mindset 


Pitching long term program  




Networking - share your role and passion with the world! Wherever you go!


Cold market outreach 


Momentum & referrals

your VALUE 

We cannot put the car in drive until we are clear on why we are here and where we are going. These trainings will provide vision and clarity for you both personally and professionally.


Option 1

Pay in full


Avoid processing fees when you pay for the program in full

Option 2

Split the payment into 2 separate payments


(note: there is a $10/per payment service fee)


If these options do not fit your budget REACH OUT! We are happy to work with you!

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Testimonials Click to Zoom

Your journey doesn’t end after you’ve completed the 12 weeks! It’s only just begun.

This is a lifelong journey and we always want to keep that thought of momentum in mind.  

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