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Yoga at your Desk - Chair Yoga

We don't always have to attend a studio class or incorporate complex poses in our yoga routine in order to receive the benefits. Sure, it is fun to challenge yourself and switch things up, but for those of us on a tight schedule and who work long hours, it is flexibility and ease that we typically need and these types of poses can be performed right at your desk!

Chair yoga has grown in popularity due to its accessibility and stimulus on the body and mind. There are many poses that just about any yogi beginner, corporate professional or even elder can achieve through this practice. Chair yoga is highly beneficial for even the most advanced yogis due to the focus it places on correct alignment.

Now let's get visual! Below are two variations of a chair yoga sequence. One you can do from standing and the other from a seat. You can find many other variation on Pinterest as well! Print these and hang them at your desk. When you feel your body and mind need a break, give these routines a try. Set a goal of practicing this 2-3 times a week and you will be amazed at the improvement you will see and feel!

You will feel less groggy, stiff, and you will be inspired make better eating habits at the office.

A regular yoga practice with help you find a great sense of ease in both mind and body. Remember to stay consistent and have patience with yourself. A little goes a long way! Alongside your coffee break, have yourself a yoga break!

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