Yoga at your Desk - Chair Yoga

We don't always have to attend a studio class or incorporate complex poses in our yoga routine in order to receive the benefits. Sure, it is fun to challenge yourself and switch things up, but for those of us on a tight schedule and who work long hours, it is flexibility and ease that we typically need and these types of poses can be performed right at your desk! Chair yoga has grown in popularity due to its accessibility and stimulus on the body and mind. There are many poses that just about any yogi beginner, corporate professional or even elder can achieve through this practice. Chair yoga is highly beneficial for even the most advanced yogis due to the focus it places on correct alignmen

Selling hOMes - Yoga & Real Estate

The Rolling Mat - Mobile Yoga Studio was honored to join forces with the amazing realtors of Keller Williams in June of this year. It has been a rewarding and thought provoking experience as I have learned a lot about the industry and what these realtors go through on a daily basis. I have found that they are some of the most passionate and driven individuals that I have met in the corporate world, and one thing is certain...they truly appreciate the yoga break that The Rolling Mat provides them on a monthly basis. Before embarking on this incredible journey, I was unaware of the physical and emotional toll selling a house takes on these resilient individuals. They deal with the emotional st


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