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Selling hOMes - Yoga & Real Estate

The Rolling Mat - Mobile Yoga Studio was honored to join forces with the amazing realtors of Keller Williams in June of this year. It has been a rewarding and thought provoking experience as I have learned a lot about the industry and what these realtors go through on a daily basis.

I have found that they are some of the most passionate and driven individuals that I have met in the corporate world, and one thing is certain...they truly appreciate the yoga break that The Rolling Mat provides them on a monthly basis.

Before embarking on this incredible journey, I was unaware of the physical and emotional toll selling a house takes on these resilient individuals. They deal with the emotional state from the seller, packing up and moving out of their home to the excitement and natural uncertainty of the buyer, all while driving for countless hours, keeping up with phone calls, emails, and not to mention, their personal life.

As exciting and adventurous as it is, it's hard work. Through The Rolling Mat Corporate Wellness Branch - shaped to fit the needs of many corporations in the Atlanta and surrounding areas, the realtors at Keller Williams of Roswell, Georgia have been able to put the "OM" in hOMe. My restoring and energizing flows set to fun and uplifting playlists, has been the start to a busy Monday morning that these ambitious realtors have needed.

This is a journey that both parities are excited to continue and I have learned more about my business and practice through these wonderful individuals.

If you are a corporation that would like to boost employee morale, productivity and teamwork. Check out my website and send me an email or give me a call so that we may move forward with a complementary consultation to structure a corporate wellness program that is perfect for your organization!

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