Quick question for ya...

Weave the expertise, accountability and direction of The Rolling Mat Mentorship program into your life and up-level you mindset & busine

Are you feeling stagnate?

💁‍♀️My guess is, if you're a small business owner, you didn't get into it because you wanted to work stressful 10+ hour days...Righ

Accountability Partner

Listen, you are not alone! I use to think I could run a successful yoga business ALL BY MYSELF! Boy, that journey sure was tough! Though, I

How are you showing up?

I know that I can sometimes go on auto-piolet and float through the day without realizing what I actually just did or said...Not good for a

Scaling your Yoga Business

Over the past week of connecting with yoga teachers, one of the main obstacles you are facing in building a strong yoga business is, not bei

Action OVER Excuses

How often do you make excuses when it comes to advancing forward in you personal and professional life?


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