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Are you feeling stagnate?

Hey there yogis and friends!

Important question above! One that myself, other yogis and entrepreneurs run into from time to time.

Hey...It's ok! We are always evolving and learning knew things! I know within the last couple of months, I have learned so much about my practice, myself, and my business.

So let me ask....

🤓Are you a business owner searching for ways to work smarter...not harder?

🧘‍♀️Yes, setting mindful intentions is part of the process but certainly NOT ALL of it!

🌈No doubt, those dreams you are chasing require that you put in the work and the effort; however, there are strategic ways to make the work more manageable and enjoyable!

💁‍♀️My guess is, if you're a small business owner, you didn't get into it because you wanted to work stressful 10+ hour days...Right? You want that financial FREEDOM doing what you LOVE and balance that with your personal, social life - Best of both worlds! .As a business owner and Yogi Boss

🧘‍♀️ I am always learning new things from those I connect with! I have found (especially in the yoga industry) that there are so many brilliant ideas but a mismanagement of time...OR a passion and desire but uncertainty as to where to get started! .

👉Through all of my experience and knowledge gained over the last decade, I created a FREE 5 Secrets to Grow your Yoga Business into an EMPIRE Webinar.

YES I am speaking to yogis in business here BUT these 5 secrets can be modeled for MANY other business structures!

Join our Yogi Facebook group here and share your mindful routines or if you are looking for inspiration to implement them!


Kelsey Goldstein reviewed The Rolling Mat — 5 star

We had The Rolling Mat out twice for some morning yoga sessions during our family reunion - Stephanie was AMAZING!!! Everyone LOVED her class and she did a great job accommodating all age and ability levels! We can’t wait to use her again!!



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