Accountability Partner

Why they are important!

"I don't need a mentor, I can do this ALL on my own..."

"I am my own accountability partner..."

"I'll just sit and meditate, everything will come to me in time..."

"Man, entrepreneurship can be so lonely..."

Hey entrepreneurs! Any of these thoughts ever run through your head?

Listen, you are not alone! I use to think I could run a successful yoga business ALL BY MYSELF! Boy, that journey sure was tough! Though, I did learn a lot.

I have been traveling through Europe for the last week and have had many moments of gratitude to those that have held me accountable throughout my journey to becoming a successful yoga business owner.

If it were not for my accountability partners an mentors, I would not have been able to (financially or emotionally) pack up and leave the states for 2 weeks!

Through my continued research and conversations with yogis, I have found that hesitation to INVEST is one of the biggest hurdles in moving forward and monetizing your yoga business.

I'll be the first to tell you, it's a leap! However, totally worth it and necessary.

You have the choice

*you can keep going at it alone

*working through strategies that aren't showing any ROI

*promoting to an unfulfilling audience

*teaching a ton of classes, feeling burnt out and alone...


You can take back control and INVEST in yourself and your dreamlife by working with a mentor that has been in your shoes and will

*hold you accountable

*assist you in finding your place and voice in the yoga world

*construct a business plan for success

*walk down the path to momentary and mental wellness providing you fulfillment and direction so that you are never alone or lost on the journey.

You CAN make a living (and then some) by owning a yoga business

You CAN travel the world like I do

You DO NOT have to own a brick and mortar to be successful

I invite you to show up for yourself and take the first step in creating the life you want to lead.

The best part...It's FREE

You have nothing to lose! Schedule your FREE Connection Call with me today!

We will : 1) talk about where you are in your business 2) Obstacles you are facing 3) Steps to get you where you want to be

Your call...wanna level up?! Or stay put?!

I look forward to talking with you and learning more about your unique journey!


Marie Burgess recommends The Rolling Mat.

I have been practicing privately with Stephanie Mitchell since September, 2018. She is a masterful yogi. Since we started, I have significantly less pain and much more stamina. I am clear-headed and enjoy being lighter on my feet. I highly recommend Stephanie!