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Corporate Yoga & Wellness Program

Coming from the corporate world, I know how stressful it can be and how important it is for employees to be given the opportunity to take a well deserved “breath break”. Incorporating a yoga wellness program into your work environment NOT ONLY decreases stress and turnover rates but ALSO enhances productivity and builds community among employees.

In an effort to strengthening the community and wellness culture inside of organizations, The Rolling Mat has structured an uplifting and energizing wellness program for corporations of all sizes - Book your free call here!

Yoga is essential for any corporate wellness program

Why? Yoga is:

  • easy to modify for special needs or injuries

  • requires little equipment

  • reduces stress while it builds strength (yay streamlining!)

  • has been proven to improve heart and mental health, & is a budget-friendly option for any business level.

Space requirements are flexible and as little as 15 minutes can improve mental clarity and health profoundly! As an added bonus, yoga doesn't (necessarily) leave you sweaty and in disarray. Most employees feel comfortable to tackle yoga mid-day and return to work after, energized and productive, which increases participation rates.

Here are some stats from Johnson & Johnson...

An internal assessment by Johnson & Johnson found that the return on their wellness programs have been $2.71 for every dollar spent, resulting in cumulative savings of $250 million on health care costs for the company over the past decade.

Book your complementary connection call and we will Roll Out a wellness program fit for you employees and needs.

What do my clients think?

Dr. Lauralyn Barnett - Chiropractic at the Lighthouse

“Stephanie comes into our office every Thursday, we love having her and she is an amazing instructor. She always has the best flow to follow and always takes her time to ensure we are getting the position correct. We love you and are so glad to have you as our teacher!”

L’Anda Johnson - AT&T Cricket Wireless

“Stephanie has been great, providing weekly yoga in our office. It is a great break and for a busy working mom is the only time I get to exercise.”

In partnership with The Rolling Mat you receive:​
  • Free consultation to discuss needs of corporation

  • Up to 4 Foundational and alignment-based yoga classes per month

  • Marketing and promotional services through all of my channels

  • Set up and break down of all equipment including mats, blocks, straps, blankets

  • Access to my supportive community

  • Personalized 1:1 attention to students who suffer from any injuries or need any further assistance

  • Early bird access to all of my community events in and around Atlanta!


Pricing ranges from $1500-$3500

Additional classes, workshops and other events are discussed and may affect the price.

🚨 Bundle options and save 🚨

Book a call to see what options fit your company & culture needs.

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