The Core: Why you should strengthen your core muscles

Action phrases commonly heard in a yoga class: - Tone the core - Pull the belly to the spine - Breath deep into your core - Twist through your torso If you practice with me in person or online, you will hear me say at least one of these phrases in majority of my classes! Aside from the visual gratification most love from working the core, there are many amazing effects that it will have on your body and mindset and it is important to take of it both inside and out. "5 reasons why travel is an essential part of life and practice" So why is toning the core so important? 1) Increases endurance: This goes back into the concept of detoxing the body. The core is our center, when it feels sluggish,

Snacks: 7 Quick and Healthy Snacks

Snacking: 7 Quick and Healthy Snacks The biggest regret and ‘mess up’ we make in our diet is - snacking. Think about it…that mid afternoon hour hits you, breakfast is long gone and lunch is a mere memory so you go to the break room and grab that cupcake that so n so brought in for so n so’s birthday. Or you hit the pantry and grab the forever loved Cheese-It's and devour them as if someone is going to steal them from you! We’ve all been there and we all usually feel guilty after getting out sugar and/or sodium high. I don't care how healthy and fit you are….remorse sets in as you lick the icing from your fingers. What to do? Well, my motto is, eat throughout the day, everything in portions a


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