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Snacks: 7 Quick and Healthy Snacks

Snacking: 7 Quick and Healthy Snacks

The biggest regret and ‘mess up’ we make in our diet is - snacking. Think about it…that mid afternoon hour hits you, breakfast is long gone and lunch is a mere memory so you go to the break room and grab that cupcake that so n so brought in for so n so’s birthday. Or you hit the pantry and grab the forever loved Cheese-It's and devour them as if someone is going to steal them from you!

We’ve all been there and we all usually feel guilty after getting out sugar and/or sodium high. I don't care how healthy and fit you are….remorse sets in as you lick the icing from your fingers.

What to do? Well, my motto is, eat throughout the day, everything in portions and everything in moderation. Stock your kitchen and work space with long last snacks that are easy go-to’s. At you desk, keep healthy snacks in your desk drawer so you are not as tempted to go into the break room. Or get creative and put together quick and affordable ‘snack packs’ as I call them so that you are excited to eat YOUR snack instead of your kids Doritos.

Typically when we snack, we overindulge because we have gone so long without food. Pick your snacks wisely and pick a few staples so you don't get board! Buy measuring cups and portion control Ziplock bags and do a quick snack meal prep on a Sunday afternoon or evening. Keep it colorful! As someone once told me…EAT THE RAINBOW! Seriously, it brings a whole other meaning to ‘taste the rainbow’ because you don't have to get this effect of food satisfaction from sugary candy. It's also achieved by shopping in a ROY G BIV mindset at your local grocery store.

Take a few moments, write out a list of some essentials and get creative. Some of my go-to’s…

[if !supportLists]1) R - cherry tomatoes and 2 Tbls of hummus (juicy & tasty!)

[if !supportLists]2) O - Mandarin orange and 10-12 almonds (sweet & salty!)

[if !supportLists]3) Y - Yellow squash slices with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar (savory!)

[if !supportLists]4) G - Green apple and 1 Tbls of natural peanut butter (curbs sugar craving)

[if !supportLists]5) B - Blueberries with Greek yogurt and cinnamon (sweet & protein!)

[if !supportLists]6) I - Raisins, option to pair with a celery stick and peanut butter - ants on a log! (Savory/sweet)

[if !supportLists]7) V - purple carrots, one of my new favs! Shop Publix! Dip in Italian dressing - (quick & tasty!)

From this list you will find what you like and what works best! Also, check out the snack pack below and the easy but delicious ingredients it includes. Sometime we just need to get creative with how we pack our snacks! Enjoy, embrace and be kind to yourself.

Colorful & Fun Snack Pack!

Strawberries & apples


Baby Carrots


Greek Yogurt

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