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Does Yoga Help you Detox? Plus 3 poses and variations

You will read many articles that say there is no scientific research that proves the detoxification properties of the yoga practice. To each their own! There are many different schools of thought about yoga and workout routines in general and how they effect our overall health. I invite you to challenge this doubt with me by reading on and trying out the 3 poses and variations below! I am a firm believer that aspects of the yoga practice are very cleansing and detoxifying for the body.

It really depends on the person and their capabilities. Our bodies do detox naturally through the lungs, liver and kidneys; however, the breath work alone that is applied in the yoga practice assists in deepening and improving our bodily functions in a world that fills us with heavy toxins.

Yoga helps improve digestion and lung function and in return we can oftentimes quiet any uncomfortable bloat we may experience from the food we eat or lifestyle choices we make.

Additionally, the breath technique that the practice provides, floods our bodies and muscles with oxygen, thus improving our circulation and therefore, cleansing our blood.

Myself as well as many of my students have felt the detoxing qualities of the yoga practice. Keep in mind that everyone is different. Some postures may work well for some and not as much for others. I invited you to just explore! Finding what works for you!

Take a moment and try out the 3 yoga poses and variations below and assess how you feel. Take your time in these postures and also take a few moments after working through them to sit or lay on your back and reconnect to the breath.

Even if yoga is not part of your everyday life, these poses are great additions to get you going in the morning or restored for a restful sleep. Best part is, they can be done from anywhere!

1) Seated twist: The first option is more gentle while the second is a little deeper. This twist is effective regardless of which you work with, not only are you creating mobility in the lower back, you are also working out the kinks that occur in the digestive area. Be sure to take the twist on both side and hold for 5 slow and deep breaths.

2) It's all about those ABS! Abdominal work is great for your endurance and immune systems! Add a nice twist to your next ab routine. You will create mobility and flexibility in the low back, encourage the internal organs to stretch and shift in another direction which is great for bloat! Not to mention, you will TONE those obliques! Ball squeeze is a nice relaxing push on the belly and low back and help of rid our bodies of waste

3) Active inversions, legs up the wall or modified handstand: When we talk detox, it's not just about the belly. Releasing the blood and fluid from the feet and lower is also soothing and holds many benefits like reducing swollen ankles and lower blood pressure.

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