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How to Make More Money Teaching Yoga?

You are doing what you love. Every chance you get, you roll out that familiar mat and stretch into your favorite poses. Even better: You’re helping others discover the joys and health benefits of yoga.

Teaching yoga is a passion. Seeing your students succeed affirms everything you love about yoga.

Working for a gym or community center may be a good gig. You’re making great connections with everyday people who want to learn more about yoga.

Is teaching your expertise in these settings really helping to pay the bills?

Of course, you’re not in it for the money. It’s a labor of love. But getting a few high-paying corporate clients can certainly make you a little more comfortable financially.

I can help.

My Name is Stephanie. We Should Connect.

A little about me: I fell in love with yoga while at Kennesaw State University. As I continued practicing, I realized the physical and mental benefits were too much to keep to myself.

After all, the corporate office was draining me. I knew my calling was somewhere else.

I started the Rolling Mat Mobile Yoga studio in 2015. Why? Planning events and yoga are my passions. I love seeing people get together for a common purpose.

It started simple enough. I taught free yoga programs at hometown breweries, festivals, and other places people loved to gather. People enjoyed it. Word spread. I knew this could be more than a hobby.

In fact, it became a sustainable, profitable business. Yes...not more cubicles or draining conference rooms. And, let me tell you, yoga pants are much more comfortable than any business casual attire.

Why not experience it for yourself? I would love to help you get started.

Teaching Yoga to Corporate Clients Has Benefits

First off, you can live comfortably. No more paycheck to paycheck stuff. Corporate clients are willing to pay decent money so their employees have an effective, engaging wellness program.

After all, wellness is a business strategy. Healthy and happy employees are more productive and don’t call in sick when you need them most.

From large corporations to small businesses, employers are looking for ways to easily provide wellness programs and activities to their employees. Many, however, don’t even know how to begin.

This is why an estimated 29 percent of companies are willing to hire a wellness vendor.

Of course, there’s more. This is the more intrinsic aspect. You get a chance to teach and demonstrate the benefits of yoga to individuals who may never even consider trying a Downward Dog pose otherwise.

Imagine the excitement in the eyes of reluctant participants as they realize yoga isn’t just for incredibly fit people who could contort their bodies in unimaginable ways.

Simply put: You’re making a difference in peoples' lives.

Sounds Like a Win/Win Situation, Right?

So how can you get started? I would love to help you out. Even if you are reluctant at the idea of trying to get corporate clients, why not dip your toes in the water and learn a little more?

Think of the first time you tried yoga. You probably had your reservations. Little by little you became more comfortable. Now look at all you achieved!

Knowledge is power. Join my Facebook group dedicated to yoga teachers who want to come together, share ideas, inspiration, and receive valuable feedback on how to get and retain high paying corporate clients. It’s a small but powerful group with lots of valuable information.

And if you’re looking for a little more information about me and my business, checking out my Rolling Mat Facebook Page.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



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