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How are you showing up?

What happens to your mindset when you have a long to-do list (business and personal)?

*Does it effect your job performance?

*Does it stress your relationships?

*Does it effect your health?

I know that I can sometimes go on auto-piolet and float through the day without realizing what I actually just did or said...Not good for a yoga teacher.

As a small business own, with a pretty big social life, it can get hard balancing everything - and balance is what I preach!

Not long ago, I started implementing a 5 minute mindful "check-in" where I access how I am feeling mentally and physically and get clear on the tasks at hand for the day. I've started holding the intention of "doing my best" and if all the boxes on my list are not checked off by the end of the day...

Hey, I did show up and I did my best!

And as Scarlett always said, "Tomorrow is another day!"

Join our Yogi Facebook group here and share your mindful routines or if you are looking for inspiration to implement them!


Marie Burgess recommends The Rolling Mat.

I have been practicing privately with Stephanie Mitchell since September, 2018. She is a masterful yogi. Since we started, I have significantly less pain and much more stamina. I am clear-headed and enjoy being lighter on my feet. I highly recommend Stephanie!



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