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Yoga Health! 5 Mindful Eating Habits

So you’re getting ready to go on a long trip and despite the fact that you have been eating well up to this point, you know in the back of your mind that an additional 5 pounds might get put on as you explore the cuisine of other cities and cultures. My advice…Let that mindset go! You want to and should enjoy every moment of your adventure, including the food! After all, it’s all part of the experience and you’ll be missing out if you put a bunch of restrictions on yourself.

After an extended trip across the East Coast with my honey and fully indulging in different cities and cuisine, I broke out my mindful nutrition habits that I use at home. I put them to the test to see how I would feel mid-venture and when I returned home. The result – fulfilled, nourished, and content.

Instead of limiting your palate, try incorporating a more mindful food approach. Consider these 5 mindful eating habits. Depending on the nature of the trip, these tips can be modified to fit your needs.

1) Water, Water, Water! Now the only downside here is, you will have to take a few more bathroom breaks; however, that is good because you are flushing your system and preparing it for the day’s meals. Have only water for breakfast or lunch. It will help your body and your wallet. Plus it will help you stay fuller. Just have a water bottle close by and when given the chance, add a little lemon for flavor and detox qualities.

2) Everything in moderation – You had a delicious and hearty dinner and now it’s time for breakfast…My personal favorite meal is breakfast and brunch. Though the biscuits and gravy and Eggs Benedict are temping options, many restaurants have just as hearty and also healthy menu options. Kick your day off with a yummy bowl of organic oats and local yogurt or egg whites, multi-grain toast, local jelly and a side of turkey bacon. First meal of the day, will leave you will feel energized, and ready for a bigger lunch and dinner! This mindful eating habit applies with any meal. Maybe you go big on breakfast and small on lunch!

*Helpful tip: Be mindful and slowly chew your food. This will further breakdown the food and help your body better digest!

3) Local Juice Bar – This is a great way to get a refreshing taste of your location, it’s portable and usually hydrating and cleansing. They come in many flavors to suite the taste buds of any wanderer and can even pack a punch of protein to keep you going. Instead of grabbing a mid-day java or slice of pizza, Google the local juice bar!

4) Walk it off – Depending on the activity you embark on in your travels, be sure to take 30 minutes out of everyday to take a stroll down an unknown street! You never know what new discoveries you may find and the activity will help you digest and sleep soundly.

5) Yoga Health! – What better way to check your mindful state! Even if you do not have a yoga practice, there are still easy and restorative posture to assist you. You don’t need to schedule an hour out of your day to achieve some of the main benefits of the yoga practice. Take 5-10 minutes out of your morning or evening for some mild breath control and stretching.

One of my favorite postures to do for digestion and mild detoxification is a nice self-love ball hug

*Lie down on a flat surface on your back – inhale and lift your rib cage, draw both legs in and firmly hug your legs into your belly - Take 5-10 DEEP breath in and out through the nose or mouth. *

Check out and subscribe to my Rollin’ Yogi YouTube Channel for some beginner short Vinyasa yoga flows that you can incorporate on your travels!

Now get out there! See all that you can see and indulge!

Safe travels my friends!

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