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Importance of Breath Connect

The breath (Prana) is our life force and serves as an aid to us in stressful, emotional, and exciting times. You do not have to be a yoga practitioner to understand and feel the positive effects that the breath has on the body and mind. Just by drawing awareness to this consistent factor of your daily life will bring you more energy and peace of mind.

You took the time to open and read this blog post, and I am grateful. I now invite you to take a moment, and at the end of this short paragraph, sit up straight, close your eyes and take 5-10 full and DEEP, internal breaths – in and out of the nose. Center your awareness and place your hands on your stomach and feel the belly rise on the inhale and fall on the exhale. As you move through these breaths, notice its characteristics and how it is serving your body.

Go ahead…

Take a moment notice how you feel. Write it down.

Perhaps you found clarity in the mind, maybe your stress levels balanced out, the depth of the breath could have given you a burst of energy, it is likely that you were able to release some physical tension or maybe you just feel a little more at peace.

Regardless of the outcome of this brief exercise, your body and mind responded to it and reacted in some way. The power of breath support is undeniable and by becoming more aware of it, we begin to notice the benefits it has on our overall well being…inside and outside of the yoga practice. I recently read an NPR article that really drives this topic home for those of you in doubt or feel as though you do not have the time focus on the importance of our LIFE FORCE!

I encourage you to take a few moments out of your day, literally 5-10 minute and soak up a relaxing breath exercise. This is something that you can even do sitting at your desk! For additional release, add in some restorative stretches. Reference my most recent video here if you feel a little lost.

Enjoy and always remember to breathe!

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