Mobile Yoga: Corporate Workshops

We live in a busy world where many of us work long hours, hunched over at a desk with our eyes focused on the computer screen for most of the day. Oftentimes, because of deadlines and quotas that have to be met, many in the corporate world do not stop and take a break and even skip the deserved and needed lunch break.

One of the biggest concerns is the amount of stress induced sickness that many employees face.

I hear it all the time…

“I wish I have time to make it to a yoga studio”

“I wish my company would offer yoga to the employees”

“My work environment has become so toxic because everyone is so stressed!”

These statements that I have heard from friends, family and students is one reason why I created a mobile yoga studio…so that I could make the practice more accessible and relieving to those with tight schedules. After being in the industry for a while now, I realize that the corporate arena is where this practice is needed most.

Think about all of the tension you harbor from sitting at your desk all day. This can be improved with gentle breathing exercises and stretches that you can do right from your desk! If you work a job where you spend the most time on your feet, a nice stretch and restorative class can help you feel energized and ready for the next shift or day!

After teaching hour long corporate classes once per week for about a year, I realized that incorporating the yoga practice in to a monthly or quarterly workshop is really where companies will see the benefit. Workshops are more than a class, they are more detailed, highlighting different areas of the practice, such as breath, movement and mindfulness and educating employees on where these qualities can be used within their day.

Furthermore, yoga related workshops allow employees to engage with one another in a safe space focusing in on teamwork, leadership, fun and proper professional relationships.

The New Year is among us! Corporations are planning and budgeting for 2018 employee workshops and retreats. The Rolling Mat is ready to integrate its informative, beneficial and fun-filled workshops into corporate wellness and team building functions throughout the year!

Some of the benefits that companies can expect to see from their employees are:

1) Increased productivity

2) Decline in stress-related sickness

3) Improvement in concentration and decision making

4) Relief in physical pain, such as, carpal tunnel syndrome, head, neck and back pain

5) Positive attitudes

6) Increase in teamwork and comradery among employee

All of these points mentioned inspire a healthy, happy and productive workplace. When planning out your budget for the New Year, allocate some of the funds for workshops that will leave a lasting impact on employees and set the tone for a positive and productive year!

The Rolling Mat offers monthly and quarterly workshops. The outline can be modified to fit the needs of the employee. As a mobile yoga studio, all of the equipment is provided! A proposal can be sent and further discussed upon request.


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