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Ready to Grow your Yoga Business?

You are not alone!

There is VALUE in what we do and I am here to help you - certified and aspiring yoga teachers- to embrace and strategically share your value, so that you can start putting money in the bank!

You with me?

I am so thankful for all of the connections I have made recently and I am thrilled to be taking on and assisting other yogis in business, climb out of their slump and start making the income and life that they deserve!

I've been in that same slump, I spent the first couple years in my business practically giving my service away - often for free (cringe)...

Sure, there is a time and a place to volunteer or offer complementary classes for the greater good, but this should NOT be your standard! I started really thinking about what I was willing to do, what I was willing to say no to, and who I was willing and not willing to work with.

This in itself is a practice and an incredible accomplishment especially in the yoga industry. We are suppose to serve everyone, right?


I learned to say no, I learned to value my services and not be intimidated to put the dollar amount on them that I deserve.

The Result - A successful mobile yoga studio that allows me to live my ideal life of constructing consistent and successful large scale community events, travel across the US and beyond, heal others through private practice and above all - take back ownership of my life and schedule!

Wanna learn how this is also possible for you? The truth is, my business plan is not a "secret sauce". And my support may or may not be a good fit for you. I've learned along the way, that there are some students that are meant to just be on the mat with me, and others who are ready to work with me to build something more than a handstand. . .


If you are looking to step into your power as a successful leader and yoga teacher, I want to hear about the questions you have and challenges you are facing!

Please take 5 minutes and fill my survey. Click here - Roll out your Journey!

If you know yoga teachers that could benefit from this survey please pass this along to them! Your efforts are greatly appreciated and will only make this program more impactful!


Kelsey Goldstein reviewed The Rolling Mat —

We had The Rolling Mat out twice for some morning yoga sessions during our family reunion - Stephanie was AMAZING!!! Everyone LOVED her class and she did a great job accommodating all age and ability levels! We can’t wait to use her again!!



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