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What is your IDEAL Day?

Hello yogi & friend,

New month and new season! The earth is coming alive and it is the time to celebrate out accomplishments for the year thus far and manifest our goals and desires for the season.

I don't know about you, but I LOVE spring! (minus the pollen) and with the new blooms on the trees and the birds singing their sweet morning songs, it only inspires me to break out and take action!

Let me ask you...Are you doing what you LOVE?

If you are unclear on this important question, here is something that will help you gain clarity.

I challenge you this season to try break free from limiting beliefs and mindsets (even if only for a few moments) by manifesting your IDEAL DAY.

I'd like to share with you a practice that helped me discover where I truly wanted to go.

With continued practice (along with some mindful strategy) my visualization of more freedom, control over my schedule, working with dedicated yogis, and traveling the globe (while leaving my "open" sign on) became my REALITY.

Join me in a 5 minute mindful routine...

*Close all tabs on you computer

*Put your phone on silent

*Take a deep breath

Visualize your ideal day

*What does it look like?

*What does it feel like?

*Who is with you?

*What action(s) are you taking?

Close your eyes and soak it up for a few moments...

Take a minute and journal the experience. Even if you were not able to answer all of the clarity questions (trust me, it takes time) you are headed in the right direction of gaining a CLEAR VISION of where you would like to be.

This is valuable information! Having a clear vision of where we want to go is one of my 5 most important secrets in getting yourself (personally) and your business (professionally) on the path to success!

"So how do I get to my ideal day?"

Like everything else, it is a process. If you are struggling with the manifestation of what your ideal day looks like, take a moment each day and journal on past experience and people you know or have worked with. You will find that you are more capable, qualified and impactful than you realize!

The journey to your ideal day and lifestyle takes work, passion and dedication! As we get lost in the cycle of life, sometimes we lose the motivation and direction toward what we really want.

Here lies the power of mentorship! I believe in it because it helped me go from BROKE and doubtful (personally and professionally) to thriving and confident! Turning my business and ideas into a heart-center and profitable machine!

Having a mentor, someone to hold me accountable and assist me through (what can sometimes be) an overwhelming process of running a small business, I was able to find my solid ground, clarity and so much more!

In short, I turned my dream into my reality!

I want this for YOU! As a strong community leader, entrepreneur, and yoga business mentor, I have the expertise and training to not only help you discover where you want to be, but HOW you will get there.

Getting clear on your vision is just ONE of my secrets to stepping into your ideal life of joy and abundance (personally and financially).

If you are interested in learning more about getting clear on your vision and the other steps that follow to running a successful and heart-centered business, take a moment and fill out my Rollin' Yogi survey and let's connect!

I'd love to hear your story!


Marie Burgess recommends The Rolling Mat.

I have been practicing privately with Stephanie Mitchell since September, 2018. She is a masterful yogi. Since we started, I have significantly less pain and much more stamina. I am clear-headed and enjoy being lighter on my feet. I highly recommend Stephanie!



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